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When you are.... Depressed, Stressed, Facing family Problems , grieving, losing confidence , your Children face study problems, adjustment problems, getting indulged into unacceptable sexual behaviours, pornography ....

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We offers Counselling courses,  and awareness programs for different ages.

Student Empowerment Program

  • Students to acquire skills to improve communication, confidence, and motivation and strengthen
  • Interpersonal relationships to reach their greatest potential.
  • motivate students to find out God as their ultimate goal and find meaning in life through sufferings 
  • Improve career satisfaction & job performance and Increase overall satisfaction of life.

Individual Counselling

  • Analyze life problems on the basis of word of God and develop a more positive outlook and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Find out meaning in life and develop new perspectives about suffering
  • Attain greater self-fulfillment, self esteem and self-mastery and Reduce stress, which promotes physical health as well.
  • To develop new coping strategies and relaxation techniques 
  • Elude of addictive behaviours. Feel more at peace, more comfortable, and more secure in the world.

Family Counselling

  • To understand behavioural patterns, and personality style of family members
  • To know about the importance of proper communication
  • To renovate family bonds
  • Build a happier, more functional relationship with you, significant others, family and Understand your loved ones better

Child Counselling

  • Develop problem solving capacity and face conflict more quickly and effectively. 
  • Grow personally & spiritually.
  • Find out new behaviours and/or responses that can help you to effectively achieve your goals.
  • Convey your feelings and come to terms with new or past experiences
  • Be aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and responses better. Find out concrete tools that you can use in your everyday life.